The Social Media Challenge

-You got a new message.
-Sarah posted a new picture.
-Anna commented your last picture: “Corona sucks. I’m bored #coronaquarantine”.

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

Nowadays the temptation to use social media to escape isolation and boredom is huge, but what would you do if You Tube, Instagram and Co. didn’t exist? Would you know what to do with your freetime? Now many people will think that the youth would be desperately in trouble, but no man you are on the same boat. Who would be our entertainment, if not television or the internet? Who would show us the latest trends, let us know about the neighbours’ vacation in the caribean who posted their picture, and who would take us with them in their weekly vlogs? Are there any nights possible without Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Of course you have to stay in touch with your loved ones especially these times. Social media has it’s benefits and disadvantages. At the moment it could deteriorate your anxiety or make you feel calm and relaxed. So, be honest to yourself. Think: “What role plays social media in my life?”. Try to establish a healthier relationship with digital screens and if you already have, I’m so happy for you. Good job 😀

I don’t say it’s the easiest thing on the planet to forego social media, in particular if you were raised with it. Nobody has said you have to, neither you need to if you don’t think so. But it wouldn’t hurt if you could take control over it and be more mindful and aware.

My idea: We’ll start a challenge together to reduce our consumption of social media and creating a mindful relationship. How? Just choose one of those methods below and try it for one week.

  • easy: Everyday you will set a timer for one hour and no digital screens will be touched in this period of time. No Laptop, Pc, television, mobile phone etc..
  • easy: Download an app which helps you by blocking the websites. For example freedom could block facebook for a certain time and you won’t be able to open it.
  • intermediate: Choose two particular times for example 9 am and 6 pm a day and blog, post, comment, everything you want, but after 15 min you’ll turn it off or swift into flightmode. And the next time would be the next day at 9 am.
  • difficult: Delete for example Instagram for one week. You’ll say:” No why? I need this to stay in touch”. But is this true? Are you in touch with these people or are you just watching their lives by pictures and videos? Do you feel jealous after watching someone’s instagram stories? Do you feel drained and overwhelmed after the 10th YouTube video? We’ll try something. Write down how you feel everytime you use your devices and while you are doing this what you are thinking as well. To be clear, your loved ones will reach you if they want to, don’t they?
Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash

You got a new message. Annie commented: Do what feels good for you and do a lot of it.

And if you don’t know what do to with your time then check out my article about 3 projects to feel productive.


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