About me

Give yourself time to grow – unknown.

If your heart is beating by reading about living your best life and finding your true self then follow me on my journey. I would love to hear about your stories and achievements.

Got curious who writes all these posts?

It’s me Noelle, Admin Annie, and I’m 21 years old. I’m lifeblood biologist, psychology student and want to be fashionista. Often times you’ll find me snuggled in a blanket watching Easy A for the 100th time and singing pocketful of sunshine or shuffling popcorn into my mouth while watching Marvel’s Superheroes, love it. If I’m not solving the riddles of Hogwarts with Harry or deducing possible clients with Sherlock and Watson, I will be possibly philosophizing about happiness with Gretchen or getting my things done with David. I love being in nature, the sky which becomes pastel in the evening, the first flowers in spring and all the other little things which make me feel like a little kid.

I started this blog as my passion project to inspire people and to share my knowledge which I gain on the journey to live my best life.

I often gain my knowledge out of personal development books, YouTube videos, documentaries and Ted talks. Also, personal experiences contribute to many articles. Everything that is bothering me I love to find out more about.

If you haven’t heard about intentional living, feeling lost and want to identify your true self and what you really want, then let’s do it together.

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