Hattest du einen schlechten Tag?

Vielleicht war der Tag heute blöd. Vielleicht war manches okay. Super zufrieden bist du nicht oder aber du suhlst dich im Selbstmitleid und Negativität. Hey, das ist heute ein Tag. Blätter auf die nächste Seite deines Buches und du wirst … Continue reading Hattest du einen schlechten Tag?

The Self-Carentine Challenge day 1

I was feeling down. Again. This lockdown isn’t easy for me, for many of us. I had to work again and I saw so many people wearing masks, but not keeping distance. I saw so many people thinking everything is alright letting their kids play with other kids, meeting their friends. I was exhausted. Why are they throwing all our efforts away? We all want to go back to normal, but we need to understand, that also our loved ones are best protected by keeping distance. You can meet, but stick to the hygiene requirements. So, I was feeling down. Work was hard and I slightly become aware this isn’t what I want to do in my life, although I only work as temporarily stuff. And overall the red lady would visit me this week I need to prepare. But I wasn’t in the mood. I could cry. It was a long time ago when I felt that way. When I broke off my biology studies.
So, what could help me through my negative thoughts and bad feeling?

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