Getting my life together Day 5

It sounds a little bit crazy that you can get your life sorted at one day, but yes that is actually what I did/ was doing today. Do you know this feeling of restlessness and chaos in your head? You start everything, forget to remember things, and are constantly on a rut? You need to get your life together. Now.

How did I do this?
There are many videos on YouTube. Far more than I can count, but I’ll tell you what I do and why it counts as a self-care practice.
First of all, I’ll notice why I’m feeling restless. Yesterday was the last day of April, for that reason I did my monthly review and found out that I was really bad at my health. And also didn’t learn something new, doesn’t spend quality with my boyfriend, and wasn’t noticing my finances decrease at all.
So, good to go. My mind is free, I sett my goals for this month, and this week, but I need a refresh. I need a feeling of a new beginning because everything is laying on my head.
Therefore, I did a deep clean of my house.
I put everything that’s bugging me on my life admin list.
Checking things, reorganized, and listened to muchelleb videos at the same time.

Photo by Skitterphoto on

Why does it count to self-care?
Now I look at my perfect cleaned sink, perfect tidied living room, and feel the best. Nothing is laying around, nothing comes into my sight that isn’t at its place. I feel peaceful. Nothing can beat me, well if it gets dirty again that would be horrible, but for the moment I’m happy.
While cleaning I love to listen to my favorite audiobook I listened as a child to, but sometimes I also love to listen to Carrie Rad’s Podcast Soulsugar if I want some cozy vibes. I’m not into podcasts or maybe I didn’t find the good ones yet. Any suggestions?

Now, it’s your turn, if you haven’t already. If you can’t do it now then do it tomorrow and have a fresh start in your new week by cleaning your house, organizing your mind, setting up goals, and doing all the little nasty things. Why? Because you will thank yourself after it for finding the time to care for your mind, your wellbeing, and your happiness.

If you need some inspiration here are some helpful tips what you could do to reorganise your mind and to get motivated.

Be kind to yourself, everything is going to be okay, Annie. ❤


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