7 unusual things to do in quarentine

You’ve decluttered everything, did yoga, read a book and still don’t know what to do with your time? Here are seven ideas and projects you can try just for enjoyment or to be productive at home.

  1. Productive Project: Do a Life Admin day
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

If you don’t know what a Life Admin day is, it’s basically a day where you
write down and tick off all your nasty tasks. For example:

  • Are some items broken and need to be replaced?
  • Have you booked your next dentist appointment yet?
  • Did you avoid something for weeks? 

All these things which are bugging you will be done on this day.
I was so relieved after that.

2. Project: your home

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash
  • Decorate your home differently
  • Do you need a new mattress?
  • Do you want pictures in your bedroom?
  • Give your home a cozy vibe, so you love to be inside. What do you need therefore?
  • Do you something edgier on your wall like a displate?

3. Your clothes 

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

If you haven’t decluttered your clothes yet, it would be time.
I’ve discovered my underwear and socks from my teenage age.

  • Take pictures of your outfits and save them, so you have your personal online gallery
  • Do a Pinterest board of your favorite styles and if something is missing, you can put it on your shopping list and maybe order it online
  • Look for outfits for special occasions or your daily activities. Try new outfits for work, date night, casual, sport, romantic, etc.

4. Do something just for fun

When was the last time you just did something out of the fun?

For example:

  • Make a foto album of your last vacation 
  • Do a collage of your favorite magazines, e.g fashion magazine where you cut out the best styles and arrange them into a frame
  • Upcycle things by searching on Pinterest board or on other blogs
Photo by Christopher Paul High on Unsplash

What did you do as a kid? 

Playing games on the Wii, Nintendo like professor Layton or Mario bros.? Great! Who says we’re too old for video games? Also, we are at home nobody can see us.
So apply these times to play your favorite game.
Also, board games like Uno, Wizard, and Blitzdings I can recommend.
If you want to play with friends online I know two options,
first scribble.io, where you have to draw words, or jack box.
The first game is free, the second, one player has to buy it.
Jack Box has up to 5 games, I recommend the first box and it’s entertaining and easy to understand.
Just look on the website and inform yourself.
Let the games begin.

5.Learn something you’ve always wanted

Photo by Sid Verma on Unsplash
  • Taking better pictures with a camera or your mobile phone
  • Creating a morning routine
  • Doing a handstand or these crazy yoga figures
  • Getting better at cooking
  • Read about a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about.

    Last week I read about cultivating spring onions by yourself by putting the cut white end into water and placing them near the sun. Now, after five days they are so big and I’m so fascinated.

6.Personal development

Evaluate your life with the wheel of life. If you want to know more about the wheel of life here is a great post by Chengeer Lee which explains the wheel of life in more detail. I wrote about it too in my weekly review part 2  with my personal areas that fit into my life.

7. Write a List for after quarentine and do challenges

  • What would you love to do?
  • Where would you love to go?
  • Which people do you want to meet?
  • What restaurants do you wanna try?
  • Try one day/week/month veganismus
  • Try one day/week/month without youtube etc.

I hope these tips could help you and you liked this post. What do you do at home during quarentine? Have you any tips or projects to share ? Let me know in the comments.

I definitely want to start my own indoor herb garden. ūüėÄ

Much Love, Annie. ‚̧


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