My Light Academia Vision Board

All these pictures are on pinterest if you liked some of these I’ll link you here to download them by yourself and you can combine them for free on canva. Just know the measurements from your desktop. If you don’t know how to create a vision board on your desk top here’s my list how to create a visionboard on your laptop. Do you want to know more about light academia? Which type are you? Romantic, light or dark? Comment down below and if you liked this post I would love it if you give a thumb up. See you, … Continue reading My Light Academia Vision Board

The Discomfort List

What’s that just another trend like self-care? No. It’s a tool to become your best self. Now your question is: Do I need this? But my question is, do you want to grow and experience things you never thought you were capable of? If you don’t have an answer yet, no problem. Just read the post below and then you’ll figure it out.

Why do you want/need to grow?

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