How to feel better part 2 (negativity)

“Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.”

― Ann Bradford

Sometimes it isn’t easy to be always positive. Some of you know the days where one could have slept all day and bridged the rest of time by playing a video game or watching series til the cozy night arrives – or it’s just me then nevermind. Also, our minds could be our worst enemy by confronting us with our inner critic and anxiety. If you always surround yourself with negativity it will be a hard battle to think positively. So what can you do?

Photo by Callum Skelton on Unsplash
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How to feel better (part 1)

You know this feeling of depletion and every word or act is a drop in the ocean? You just want to lay on the sofa or drink your well-earned beer, or tea in my case. So far, so good, but if the next day will be the same and all the others too, could your sofa save you or do you need to change something?

Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash
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In which way can a virus affect the digital world?

He hurries into the smoky office: “Boss, we’ve got a problem”.
“What’s the problem?”. The man takes a puff from his e-cigar and studies a system plan in his left hand.
“Strange things happened the last few days”. He scratches his green head.

“Just tell me”, the grey man growls and puts his plan aside.

“Hey Boss, have you already tracked and lifted weights today?”. A little manikin suited in a blue sweat suit jogs into the office in one hand lifting a dumbbell in the other a glass full of raw eggs. “Everything for my gains” and swallows.

Slowly the grey man leans forward to his green assistant:” Haven’t we thrown him out years ago?”.
“Yes Sir, this is what I try to tell…”

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The 12 week year

“Get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months”

Yesterday it was the last day of March, so the quarter is over. How about your goals did you achieve some or are you demoralized and have already given up? Don’t worry, this method could help you to achieve your goals in only 12 weeks.

The 12 Week year was written by Brian P.Moran and Michael Lennington who are CEO and Vize president of The Execution company. Their company specializes on coaching and consulting life leaders and entrepreneurs to reach their best performance with the 12 Weeks strategy. What I have taken along you will see down below.

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