My Harry Potter Notion Study Setup #Gamificationproject

Hey guys, welcome back 🙂

Study sessions are back and so is the new term. I’ve thought to try something new with my notion setup, so here’s what I got from #thegamificationproject inspiration. It’s a Harry Potter theme guys, I’m in awe.

This is the top of my page. All items that I marked in blue and my avatar picture of Hermione I picked and put in there by myself. You can see in the bottom left corner that my Avatar has level, exp and there is also a progress bar which shows me how much until the next level. Yes, I’ve hundred per cent, there is 1 exp I need to get to level 1 😀 Also, I added the symbol of the Ravenclaw as my icon because I can proudly say I’m on the blue side. At the top of this page, you can also see the top of Hogwarts.

Now you can see my Quests. This is a rather nice word for to-dos I guess. All of these quests are rewarded with gold and you can choose which difficulty level each quest has. Important! These quests are tasks of projects, projects are below key results, and when you’ve finished key results you can tick of your goals. A little complicated but don’t give up there is a free guide I’ll link you down below which have helped me, too. 😉

Some icon or emojis I used were:

the wand

the feather/quill

a pen

an owl

a wizard

a witch

a snake (basilisk)

and you will find some more 🙂

If you are interested in building strong habits, there is also a habit tracker on the right side where you can tick your habits off.

Now you can see my goals, key results and projects. So, to downsize it a bit:

I have to main goals until the end of september.

  1. Defeat the basilisk. (It’s one assigment where I have to create an own study)
  2. Defeat the Dementor. (It’s rather more research then the first one xD so a little bit scarier)

Then there are the key results. So things like

  • finishing the intro -> the project would be -> introduction, theroretical background -> task: why is it relevant? what is your hypothese? and so on
  • finishing the mainpart
  • finishing the end

So the programme don’t wanna overwhelm you, but wanna help you with baby steps.

At the bottom of my page, I can see the achievement log and the marketplace.
The achievement log tells me what I accomplished this week.
On the marketplace, I can purchase some rewards for the money I earned with my completed tasks. So maybe I want to watch a YouTube video after a long study day I can pay 300 (the prices are individual) or watch some Netflix.

Where you can start to create your own gamification project:

This gamification idea sparks so much joy in me, also I had so much fun creating it. Just try it out, there are several more. If you are interested in this, check out these great tutorials:

There is a Free notion template in this video to download you will need.

If you try it out, let me know. Which theme would you love to see as a notion set up? Let me know in the comments! Animal Crossing was high on the list, too xD

Have a nice day !


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