My Weekly Reset

Do you know this feeling of pure overwhelm, where the kitchen is overfloaded with things, you don’t know what you have to do next week, and so much is going on in your head you couldn’t think anymore? Then my friend, you need a weekly reset routine, and this is how it can look like 🙂

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Where I have my Weekly Reset:

I have my weekly reset in notion. It’s a free website where you can sign in and make your own list, tables, galleries. I really love it to organise my uni stuff, and overall life, master to lists, calendar dates, etc.

If you want to stay away from digital screens a bullet journal or a different journal could be an suiting option, too.

So, where do I start?

Get clear and declutter.

  • declutter your email inbox (delete emails you don’t need anymore, or sort them with labels)
  • declutter your downloads (delete, sort)
  • declutter your paper
  • collect all your bills and write down how much you spend/ earned this week

This feeling of an empty inbox is priceless 🙂

My weekly reset on notion – muchelleb Template

Get Current

Now it’s time for having an overview, what you’ve done this week, planning for next, mealplanning and so on. Here are some examples:

  • add any upcoming events to calendar (uni, doctors, birthdays, selfcare days, datenight, appointments, work)
  • add any new tasks on your to do list
  • cross any tasks you already have done from your to-do list
  • do a meal plan for next week
  • grocery list for next week
  • review your project goal progress what steps could you do next week

The 3 Most important things that should be in your weekly reset:

  1. Declutter and get clear – it’s such a great feeling if you have an empty inbox, downloads and paperfolder trust me, like a mental reset.
  2. Planning for next week. It’s important you know what you have to do next week, where you have to be and also how much time you have for quality time with yourself and friends. Planning in is half the way to actually do the fun things.
  3. Goal reflecting and planning new steps in. – Only do steps not project because you shouldn’t be overwhelmed but organised and decluttered. You should know at the end of the day what your goals are for this week.

Do you have a weekly reset? Is there anything what shouldn’t be left out to stay on top of your life? Comment down below and send me a thumb up if you like this content and want more.

Have a great week friends,

Annie. ❤


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