8. Tips to help you staying sane in lockdown

Lockdown isn’t over yet. God knows when it will be. But for now, there is nothing more we can do about it than staying home and safe. Yeah, it’s frustrating but sometimes we just need a system to support us keeping sane. Here are some tips that helped me during the weeks.

Have a structure in your day.

Try to structure your day like in the picture below. So you know what to do and don’t be overwhelmed when you miss a deadline because you thought you have so much time. Use it for your advance not against you. You are most productive at night, great so plan it in.

Do a plan for the day.

Something I do for three years is to plan the day before or in the morning. In the red colour are my goals that I want to reach in three months, so march is my last month now. Then you will see my three priorities for the day. Don’t overdo it can be little things like washing the blankets, so you stay motivated and not overwhelmed and on the right side you see my time blocking, so I know how much time I have left for each thing.

PS: This planner is designed by muchelleb and it’s called the Lifemap. If you are interested you can check it out here. It’s not sponsored, just a true recommendation of this product from a badass babe. I’m a huge supporter and fan, just love her products.

Don’t skip cleaning day.

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

If your home is in chaos your mind will be too. Lately, I enjoy cleaning while listening to good music or some lifestyle podcast like lavendaire, lifestyle podcast and soulsugar.

Do a Weekly review and plan ahead.

In the image above you can see my weekly review inspired by muchelleb. There are three columns that I tick off every week to become up to date and plan for the next week. This is something to simplify your life, not to stress it out. It enables me to relax every Sunday and looking forward to the next week.

Calling my friends once a week as well as my family.

Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

Connection is important. As important as health if you would ask me. We are social people some more than others. So try your best and talk to your loved ones. If it’s a phone call, zoom call or just a text message. Try your best, to ask how they are. Plan some phone time in your week, so you can enjoy some time. One of my friends and I talked for 5 hours and we didn’t realize until we said goodbye. It spent me so much joy and energy.

Don’t always wear pyjas.

I mean it’s clear, but for some of you who didn’t know: Our brain loves routines. So, when you wear something you would wear to work your brain will also start the to-do modus.

Plan in fun things. ( Selfcaredate, movie night, games night online)

If you plan your work and other appointments in, don’t forget to plan in some fun. Something you will look forward too. What I loved to do more of were some selfcare dates for myself. Mostly on Tuesdays I would take a great shower, put a mask on, eating some ice cream and watching a romantic comedy. The last one was Always be my maybe. Really fun one!

Movement and fresh air.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

If you are sitting all day your mood wouldn’t get better if you lay on the sofa. Maybe it depends on the show you will say, yeah your monkey mind will tell this to you. In reality, a 10 min walk around the block, yoga or a 20 min HIIT will bring you more dopamine and energy than most series and tv shows trust me.

This is the end of this post I hoped you liked it and if you have some experiences to share just comment below. Also, I would love to know that I’m not alone with some feelings so if you like to enjoy the poll I would love that, so maybe I can write a post about some of these topics.

I struggled with mental health and health overall lately that I did a social detox week and tried to be as less at screens as I could when you are working from home. Also, bringing more joy helped me to stay positive and looking forward to something. What are you struggling with the most in lockdown?

Stay happy and inspired,

Annie. ❤


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