The Self-care Question Kit

Once I understood that self-care isn’t just about beauty and journaling, I looked into something I can use every day to feel as good as possible. If you are familiar with muchelleb and her content, you may know about her “When I’m feeling off list” and questions to ask yourself, and that’s what I did, just a little more adjusted to me.

Questions to ask yourself if you are feeling off:

Have you been outside in the fresh air or opened the windows lately?

Have you eaten something nourishing? Or have you eaten too sugary?

Have you drunk enough today? Are you hydrated?

Have you moved today when you’re sitting all the time? Just a stretch or even a little walk today?

Have you too many things on your mind about what you have to do? Do a Braindump.

Are you feeling off because you can’t remember when you showered last time?

Have you done something creative/inspiring/encouraging this day? Like reading, drawing, cooking something that’s in your creative and soul area?

Is your apartment clean? Or are you feeling more anxious when going to another room?

Are your bedsheets fresh?

These are some of my questions I ask myself whenever I notice I’m feeling off. A great free tool is notion where you can create a to-do list and check if you’ve done something to feel better.

Here is mine (in german) with my personal self-care categories for some inspiration.

If you liked this post about self-care, check out my last about Diversify Self-care there’s more to it than baths and health. I hope you liked it and share some of your favorite self-care activities which resonates with yourself down below. Would love to try new things.

Stay safe,

Annie. xo


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