What you do wrong when it comes to Self-care

I have listened to a podcast episode from Lavendaire where she speaks to Susan Hyatt about emotional eating and healthy self-care. One phrase caught my intention, it was “Diversify your pleasures”. It isn’t just self-care when you do a face mask, eating healthy, or working out. There’s so much more. It’s like the level 10 life areas, but for self-care. Isn’t that great? That could be the reason why you don’t feel refreshed and like yourself after a bath or eating healthy.

What you can do:
First, I’ve done a mindmap with all the things which make me feel warm, hygge, and refreshed. Also, some things make me feel energized, alive and happy.

When you listed all your activities, you may see that some things can be a theme.
For example:

You will see that there is some connectivity between your areas and that’s why you need different self-care activities due to how full you are in those areas.
Look for your self-care areas and write them down.
Feeling good? Is everything fine? Good, now it’s time to fill in how you feel in those areas as you did in the level 10 life of Hal Erold.

Bullet Journal / Planner Level 10 Life inserts

I hope this could help you to identify why you aren’t feeling better after some activity because you lacked in your other area.

Stay safe and calm,

Annie. xo


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