New Year- and December Favorites

Hello 2021. Hello any new reader. I wish you a happy new year, hopefully it’s gonna be better than before and we all stay safe. I knew many people are thinking about new years goals and are very motivated right now, but often times they’re overdoing. That’s why I created a list of new year ideas to start small and you will see my favorites in December. Have fun!

30 Days of Yoga Challenge with Adriene

I’m relatively new to yoga, it’s not something I do because of the hype of it but because I heart a lot of recommendations especially on this specific challenge. Today I’m on day 7 ( I started in December) and I have to say I underestimated its effect. It’s wild that slow movement can give you such burns and also stretches that make you feel alive again in specific body parts.

I’m excited what comes next, so definetely give it a shot.

Join a virtual Bookclub so you have motivation to read a book.

My Reading List:

The Power of Moments

Comes as you are

The Gift of Imperfection

Movie & Series Favorites

The Christmas Inheritance

40 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix - Good Holiday Movies ...

The Christmas Calendar

#Netflix The Holiday Calendar: Movie Review – wynnesworld

Virgin River Season 2

The McGees- Dream Home Makeover

The Mandalorian

I would appreciate it very much if you give a vote in the poll, so I know what you interested in the mostfor later content that I can create and share with you.

Appreciate you all, stay safe

Annie. ❤


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