5 Tips to Reduce Your Screentime-> be more mindful

Recently, I braindumped a whole of problems that I had during this year and one which struck out the most was too much screentime. Is it normal to wait on Youtube five minutes because you know there will be an upload from your favorite Youtuber, is it normal too, to plan in videos and instastories which you can look into that day and the other days you don’t know what to and feel like missing out?

You got it. I had a problem that needed a solution. So, I’ve brainstormed my areas where I can’t keep a low profile and focused on those.


I woke up, washed my face, heading towards the couch but before I layed down stopped and grabbed my phone which awaited me like a little bird who is fed by his parents with worms.

I realised quickly, I don’t wanna be that parent.

Resolution: Have a Phone Home which is far away from your room and turn it off.

2. Find a Replacement

Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com

As Mornings and time in the day, I needed something in exchange while I didn’t want to lose myself in Youtube’s universe anymore.

So find a replacement.

Read a book in the morning instead of using your phone. Get it when you are finished.



Just concentrate on eating.

Do your Hobby.

3. Deinstall the Apps

I noticed when I don’t have any messages left I switched to Youtube and if it was for my normal Youtube Videos who cares, but I ended up with marriage proposals, Cats which can’t walk over ice and healthy snack ideas. I mean, what’s was my intention?

So, I deleted this App and it worked.

4. Have a digital friend

Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

There are many apps nowadays, but I loved one hour and Forest.

But there are so many more:

App Detox



5. Turn notifications off.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Sometimes there is just the sign of something and our Dopamine is dancing in the brain, but if there are too many signs it wouldn’t dance like the first or the second time, no sometime it would just stop dancing at all.

Noticfications to turn off could be:


What’s App



Any News

I know some things sound very easy, but give it a try. See how long it would take you to sprint to your phone and check if someone has mentioned you anywhere. After a while it won’t. And after a while you will notice you don’t live inside a bubble anymore, and you have so much more time for your own life.

Have a great start in the new year,

xox Annie


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