Trickster or Martyr? Your turn.

Martyr says: Life is pain.

Trickster says: Life is interesting.

Martyr: The system is rigged against all that is good and sacred.

Trickster: There is no system, everything is good, and nothing is sacred.

Martyr: Nobody will ever understand me.

Trickster: Pick a card, any card!

Martyr: The world can never be solved.

Trickster: Perhaps not..but it can be gamed.

– Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic

Which one are you Trickster or Martyr? Comment down below.

I think it’s most likely that everyone wants to be the Trickster, but don’t know how. Because being the Martyr isn’t as hard as you know. So sometimes the question is easy as this:

Do we want to lose our suffering?

Or are we feeling comfortable in despair and misery.

That was something I wasn’t prepared for to read and it hit me Ms. Gilbert, thank you.


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