Monthly Favorites October

Hey my friends, welcome back to my monthly favorites. October has come to an end and a new lockdown seems to begin, but we do our best to stay positive.

So, what have I been up to:

I’ve started to study psychology and I absolutely love it, it was the right decision to wait and give myself some time to rethink what would be best for me.

Never done before but I think there is always a first time, so I’ve started my first knitting project a headband. Will show you the end result because now it’s chaos. What’s more cozy than knitting some cozy wool while watching something fun like Nanny Fine? (Do you know this show, or have you googled it?)

Photo by Flora Westbrook on

New Inspiration: Erin Elizabeth

I’m not into podcasts that much, but I loved some deep conversations with down to earth people, like girlsnights with your best friend and talking about everything and I’m so happy to find a Podcast like that.

It’s called TheLifestyled Podcast by Erin Elizabeth and I love it. I really enjoy to listen to her episodes, especially her view on social media and fashion as an influencer. Love her.

So if you are interested, give it a go. I found it on Spotify, but she has a beautiful website, too.

Some October inspirations:

The tiniest pumpkin I’ve ever seen:

And the biggest I’ve ever seen:

Some hallooweeny snacks I did, we all need a little bit fun:

And some Halloween Movies you need to watch:

Hocus Pocus

Addam’s Family

Hubie Halloween

How was your october? Any good book or movie recommendations?

See you in the next, stay save

Annie. ❤


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