Pumpkins, and things that I loved lately

Now it’s time for Cafes, Musicals, Holidays, fun parties, but no that isn’t the thing that I want or need anymore. Why we always think so big? Why is it necessary to travel far away, eating at a pricey restaurant or visiting a musical or theater just to say I’ve experienced something great. I know you heard it before, but what about the little things that spark joy in you? You know these things, deep down you know that you like snapping out pictures of old magazines and do a collage or you love trying new nerd games. But you didn’t tell because it isn’t fancy enough. Yeah, i think now everyone is on the same level. Everything seems so boring and normal that’s because we judge after other people would judge not how we want.

So, here are some of my normal things I did:

For the Soul:

Peanut butter and fresh dates– love it( nobody understands me, would you like to be the first?)

The Lifestyled Podcast by ErinElizabeth

I’m not into Podcast that much, but deep conversations with friends and drinking tea is my mood. And that’s why I especially love her solo episodes, I appreciate how she opens up about her experiences and also be authentic and real, so it’s like you are talking with a friend while doing stuff like cleaning you aren’t enjoying that much. If we are talking about being authentic, honestly, I’m looking forward to my cleaning days so I can listening to her podcast xD.

Two episodes I loved so far:

If you are into fashion and lifestyle, check out her You TubeChannel it’s very inspiring,too. ❤

For my Brain:

Notion– more about in my next post, but I can tell this is a system you need to try. Never been more motivated.

My Master To-do list looks like this:

And last but not least:

Watching my favorite Halloween Movies one after one:

Hocus Pocus

Addams Family


New but was fun Hubie Halloween

Have a nice evening, see you in the next.

Annie. ❤


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