How to Create a Vision Board on your Desktop

Do you know what to do with your life? Are you figuring things out and slightly noticing what you like, but didn’t find your passion and your service yet? A vision is what you need. Not because everyone else told you, but for yourself. Maybe to remember what you enjoy and would do more of, maybe to visit or talk to your friends more often. So let’s get started to create your individual vision board.

What you need:

  • Laptop, tablet, Pc or even a Smartphone
  • programme tool ( I used Canva it’s for free)
  • paper, pens and a pencil
  • a vision

Step by Step Guide:

  1. How to create a Vision

First you’ll need a Vision. How would you love your life to be in 5 years? Don’t take in what other people think like being rich and buying a house, if you would be rather happier in an apartment and being dept free. It’s your vision.

If you can’t think about anything answer these guiding questions:

What about if I have no vision?

That’s possible. Personally, I was lost and didn’t know what I want either. But the little things that I know brought me closer. You need to question yourself.

What do I love?

Which people am I following and love what they are doing?

What do I enjoy?

When am I feeling the most alive?

What would I love to have more of in my life? What do I want to integrate into my life?

If you created your Vision it’s time for turning on your creative mode.

2. Collect and Creativity.

Look for pictures and images, quotes on Instagram and Pinterest and screenshot them.
Just type in your key words like travelling, but try to specialize it more. Like do you like travelling to more cold or hotter places? Nature or city Trips? Feminine Style or Oversized Looks?

Collect all pictures, like you can see down below.

Then choose only one for each point you made that resonates most with you. Maybe you feel excitement when you see this picture, motivation when reading this quote. But foremost what resonates with your vision the most.

For example: Down below you see that I saved many pictures where travelling and nature is a big point. But I only took 3 that show a roadtrip, nature trip and visiting a specific City. That doesn’t mean I need to delete the others, there are saved when I accomplished something or want to refresh my visionboard.

3. Create your vision board with a programme.

  1. If you would love to use Canva aswell, I will link it here.
  2. Type in Moodboard and choose which one suits you the most. I chose the blank one, but there are some layouts, too.
  3. Download your pictures if you haven’t done before and upload them on Canva.
    To download the pictures you have to click on the three dots and then download.

4. Arrange them how you want.

5. Now if you’ve finished, download your vision board and open it in your download folder. Then click on insert as desktop background. Done! You created your own Vision Board.

I hope it inspires you and motivates you to follow your goals, or makes you feel calm and happy when you need some positivity in your life.

I hope you enjoyed it, see you in the next post.

Until then, experience with your creativity, Annie. ❤


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