Selfcare question today:

Let’s see. My best day. It would be a Sunday because I love Sundays. They are my fun days. I would wake up when the sun is shining through the blinds. I would smell the scent of fresh buns and biscuits, also something sweet like croissants and fruits. Oh my god, yes, I would love to have some pancakes with strawberries and mango. Been on a mango binge lately, it’s so delicious. And I would enjoy breakfast with my mate, talking about something, laughing or just telling him what’s on my mind. Then we walk outside and hiking over forest soil, the leaves are turning the forest into a sunshine disco. Being in nature, listening to birds, would love to see some deers, but it’s okay when not. ūüėÄ Sitting near to a river, talking, watching, just being away from the noises and stresses of our lives, that’s something I would love and enjoy with my pure heart. Just breathing in at this moment. Being present isn’t easy at all. In the evening I would love to watch a movie. Of course, I would suggest a romantic comedy, but I need to meet him halfway, so he doesn’t roll his eyes all the time, so maybe something like Marvel or Harry Potter. Then we would go to bed and cuddle. I love cuddles.

How would your best day be? What would you experience? Who would you be with, or are you on your own learning more about yourself?

Just envision this special day: the smells, how it looks, feels. Every tiny detail. Maybe draw a picture so that this day will come because you have attracted it.

Stay healthy, Annie. ‚̧


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