5 Questions to Review Mid Year

Halftime. For many of us no big deal, after all it’s not the end of the year. Yes, but now it’s the time, though, where I know you need a kick in the ass as well as I do. Because maybe you gave up on your goals, you thought I’ll never gonna achieve this, I’ll do this next week, I can’t do this. But you can. You will. You just need to understand why it doesn’t work why you aren’t motivated anymore and find this feeling again.

We will take a look at your last half-year and figuring out your best moments and where you failed to ensure the next half is the best to come.

So let’s start.

1. What were your best moments from New Year until now? Things you would love to do again, that made you smile or laugh, inspired you, where you want to relive these moments, where you felt the most yourself. Write everything as little as you think it is down, wherever it’s not important for others, but it was impactful for you.

  • The Lion King musical in Hamburg
  • Strawberry picking
  • waking up before seven every morning
  • ran a new route
  • went grocery shopping alone
  • tried a new recipe

2. What have you been struggling for the past half?

going to bed early

being aware of money

health issues

3. Do a check-in with your wheel of life, where you pick categories and rate them from 1 to 10, to see how happy you are. What are your best, what are your lowest? Where do you need to take more attention to?







mental health

4. Pick your three lowest or the categories which have the most impact on you. Define your goals, what do you want to achieve?

How could you achieve this? This question is very important.

health-more movement by trying different sports or doing more walksn, dance workouts, something that makes fun and you have to move ūüėÄ

Nutrition- try new vegetarian recipes, don’t buy unhealthy food

relationship- plan more quality time and movie nights

routines- create a new morning routine

5. What would be also exciting and motivating if you could achieve this in the next half? In other words, what other dreams are in your head you would love to do?

planning a weekend away

writing my novel

doing a summer party with friends

find a new series

Do every question time by time. Don’t hush. You have time, especially because you reflect on yourself to create your best time. So, try to ensure you take some fun things like a summer party with you and write out how to achieve your goals. If you want to learn more about creating a plan to achieve your goals, take a look at my post The 12 week year.

I hope you are inspired and are excited about what is to come. Leave a comment down below if you want to answer some of the questions or a like if you found this post helpful.

You Got This.

See you, Annie. ‚̧


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