Refresh Your Life Day 2 Decluttering Books

When it comes to books it’s hard.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

– George R.R. Martin

Have you ever thought about which book would be yours? Not what you like, but which book fills you in, embodies you, and get you excited?

Maybe Alice in Wunderland, Harry Potter, Shakespeare’s Hamlet or a swedish crime. What’s your book? If you haven’t one, maybe it’s time to write your own story you would love to read.


Collect all your books: cooking, hobby, scientific, note books, etc.

Now define your questions to decide what needs to go:

For example:

Will I read this again?

Did I buy this just because everyone was reading it, but it totally doesn’t align with me?

Does it spark joy?

Define your own questions.

What to do with books that you’ve decluttered?

You can sell them on different online shops like rebuy, momox, or donate them to friends, family or give it to a library for free.

My Process:

My Love. Never would give them away. Always feeling these cozy vibes when looking at Harry Potter and envision myself snuggled in a blanket while reading them with a cup of tea. ❤

My bookshelf:

These are not all of my books( sadly, I left the most part at my parent’s house), but there are more to come.

Any recommendations or books you would love to read this year?

I hope you liked this post and we’ll see us next time.

Keep save, Annie. ❤


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