Mid Year Life Refresh: Wardrobe Declutter

Oldie, but Goldie I would say. Yes, I’ve started my mid-year life refresh with decluttering my wardrobe because I want to start the new half with lightness. Throwing off the ballast and being excited to find outfits is my goal with this decluttering. What about you? I’ll share with you my process and tips how you can do it more efficiently.

Important Factors before you start:

  • All of your Clothes should be clean when you declutter, so you don’t forget anything
  • Put everything on a pile, yes it could be as high as the Mount Everest, but do it


For motivation: A great way for motivation is watching other people do it
my motivations
Valeria Lipovetsky Huge Wardrobe Clean Out

Carrie Rad Wardrobe Declutter

There are so much more.

What’s your goal when you declutter your wardrobe?

Feeling organized?

Feeling light?

Feeling excited about your favorite clothes? etc.

Write it down, envision your perfect wardrobe.

How to sort out:

Start with categories and just sort them together, do not declutter yet.

Some catgegories:

  • Coats
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Socks
  • Accessoires in bags, belts, jewelry
  • shoes
  • underwear
  • loungewear,etc.

Now, why do you sort things out. Create questions you can ask if you’re unsure:

Does it fit into my colour palette? Does this color suits my undertone/ skintone?

Am I feeling comfortable in it?

What I don’t like about it? ( vneck, oversized,colour, fabric,etc.)

If I had the choice to choose between this item and another out of my closet which would I choose?

When you go through your things it’s also a good idea to think about what you would love to have instead.

For example: I have a black hot pants that doesn’t fit me anymore, but I love hotpants and would love to have a blue jeans hot pants.

Write it on your to buy list. šŸ™‚ ( It should be fun, fashion should be always fun)

The Situation ( Told you, Mount Everest could be possible) before:

( sorry for the wrong lighting, but these are my clothes)

The Situation after:

Things I donate or sell:

Exhausting process, but totally worth it. If you are into this situation right now, you can do this. You will feel good, you will feel light and sparked with joy. Also, comment down below if you want or did this decluttering and how it went. šŸ˜€

Keep going, Annie. ā¤


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