Mid Year Life Refresh Challenge

I’m done. This is my mindset for the last couple of days. I’m done with this half-year. Not that my year was totally awful, except the world pandemic which influenced all of us in different ways, but I felt like I wasn’t a part of this year. Like I was watching a movie of a person and just sitting in front of a television. I don’t even know anything that happened in the first three months, or maybe that’s normal not to know, don’t know. So, I need to do something, and here’s my chance: The Mid Year Break.

If you are into personal development you are as excited as I am by the words decluttering, setting goals, vision board, and yes want to start now I know, me too. But we take baby steps. We won’t devour, but savour this process. If you don’t know about the magical feeling of the mid-year break, that’s okay you’ve already experienced this feeling new year. Yes, you can have this feeling multiple times a year. Why I choose mid-year? Because I think there is a great time to review my goals and plan ahead. I’ll also do this for every quarter, but now I want to refresh not only my goals but my life.

Join me by my midyear life refresh challenge. Where I want to refresh my life, space, and mind to start the second half with motivation and passion.
I would love to do this as a challenge where I will do something every other day to refresh my life. When will I start? June 21. Why? Because I will tell you what the first assignment would be, and you can start on Monday or Sunday, which fits better with your routine.

Categories will be:

  • Wardrobe (obviously)
  • Big Declutter of your special monsters of chaos
  • Deep Cleaning your apartment( ironically, my boyfriend broke our vacuum cleaner and we have mostly carpet floor, I’m delighted, yeah…)
  • Refreshing and reviewing your goals, how far you’ve come and if you want something to change
  • Planning and being excited for the next half

These categories can be different for you, they depend on my life an circumstances, so feel free to do your own little challenge and leave a comment how far you’ve come. All positive vibes. ūüėÄ

The first post will be published Sunday the 21, stay tuned. ‚̧

Anything you would love to do aswell? Are you as excited as I am or wouldn’t you notice that mid year is around the corner?

See you next time, Annie. ‚̧


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