What to watch when you want to switch things up in the evening

Sometimes it can be really dull to always watch the same series every night, so we want to switch some things up. Maybe you want something to be informed or be entertaining or to take action while watching. Here’s my list of favorites for every kind.

If you want to be inspired and in awe/ inspirierend und begeisternd:

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of nature documentaries and love to see different places and animals. These are my favorite docu’s I highly recommend you. Moreover, if you cannot travel, why not travel within your home. ­čÖé

Our Planet/ Unser Plant– wondeful and crazy moments of our planet/ wundervolle und verr├╝ckte Aufnahmen unseres Planeten.

Some episodes you can find on youtube.

One full episode you can find here on youtube about the jungle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um2Q9aUecy0

Tales by the Light/ Bildsch├Âne Welt– dive deep into new perspectives and follow passionate people photographing the unimaginable, people, creatures, landscapes or other fascinating things/ tauche ein in die Welten von leidenschaftlichen Fotographen, die dir die Welt mit anderen Augen zeigen

Expedtion Happiness/ Auf der Suche nach Gl├╝ck- questioning what makes you happy and finding happiness/ Was macht einen gl├╝cklich und was braucht man um gl├╝cklich zu sein, begleite Mogli, Felix und Rudi auf einer Weltreise auf der Suche nach dem Gl├╝ck.

If you want to be informed and learn new things:

Cowspiracy– find more about how meat is produced, how big and destructive meat production can be

Great documentary, well researched, and convinced me that I haven’t been aware of things and how meat is produced.

Minimalism– a documentary about living with less.

Bill Gates Bill Gates isn’t only a man who invented Microsoft like he has been for me over years. No, this man, he really could change the world( watch episodes 3 and 4, to learn more about climate change and 1 and 2 about his help for fighting against diseases and helping people).

Tony Robbins– I am not your guru and he is right. You are responsible for yourself, but he can help you to find the right path. So, be inspired and full of adrenalin and emotion while watching the first time recorded course of Tony Robbins when thousands of people want to change something and they will.

For entertainment and action:

Brain Games– take part in interesting tests and questions at home to learn more about you as a human

Penn and Teller:- magic isn’t only for kids. So, try your best and don’t be fooled like Penn and Teller do in their series. / Magie ist nicht nur was f├╝r Kinder. Also, versuche dein bestes und sei gespannt auf die Magier die Penn und Teller reinlegen wollen, wer schafft es die Meister hinters Licht zu f├╝hren?

Mostly all episodes avalaible on youtube watch the first season here.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment down below, also if you are a huge fan of something. Love to talk with other fans ­čśÇ

Have a nice evening, Annie. ÔŁĄ


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