7 Tips to actually wake up when you don’t feel like it

You know that sentence: Tomorrow I will wake up earlier. Honestly, who is going to do this? Nobody I know of. So, why you want it, but don’t do it. Why do you hit that snooze button, turn around, cuddle and sleep in again? You are one of the million people that do so. Nevertheless, you want it so badly because maybe you noticed you feel better when you wake up earlier, are motivated, happier, or that you can do so much more on a day when you wake up before 12. So the question is what needs to change?

1. Prepare the Night before

  • You know yourself best. What do you need to get up the next morning?
  • Are you always overwhelmed with so many choices like your clothes, breakfast, and news? Limit your choices.
  • Put out the clothes or outfits you want to wear, choose your breakfast, or do it the night before (overnight breakfast).

2. Have something to look forward to.

As we moved to our new flat, I easily woke up every morning because I enjoyed unpacking so much, yes I know, not many humans are like me.

  • Find out what makes you happy or excited in the morning. 
  • Could it be the sunrise, an exciting book, a delicious breakfast (honestly, I had months where I thought of my tasty breakfast every night)? 
  • Plan something special for you each morning what you can’t do later at that day. Take a bath, run, read, paint, enjoy your hobbies, etc.

For this breakfast I would go to bed much more earlier and you?

3. Have a Why.
Your why is your reason to stand up. Maybe you realize that you work better in the evenings, so you don’t need to wake up earlier or you noticed that in the mornings you are the most productive.
Why do you want to wake up earlier?

4. Use the weather as your motivator.
That’s a tip, yes. There is something magical happening inside us when summer arrives what seemed to be lost in Winter. We are happier, more motivated and we want to wake up earlier because it seems we can do so much more when it’s bright and shiny. Listening to the birds, avoiding the midday sun or just seeing the sunrise all can be reasons to wake up. So, use it because winter is coming.

5. Book or plan things you have to do or must attend to in the mornings.
If there is nothing at all what is waiting for you in the morning there is no reason to wake up early because it could get be done later.

So, book your appointments for the early hours, give you a deadline for special things, etc.
Book a gymclass for 7 a.m. in the morning, a call for work on 9 a.m. , etc.

6. Think about your day.
There is nothing wrong about planning your day in the morning or at the night before, but it’s essential to have a plan. So, you wake up and now: Okay I have to do this until 11, so I can do some me-time before and go for a walk and have enough time to eat my breakfast calmly.

  • What are your priorities this day?
  • Special things happeing you have to prepare for?
  • What one thing if you do it would make you feel so light, relieved and happy? Then do this thing. Even if it’s something like cleaning your kitchen, writing one two sentence email or throwing the trash. If that’s what’s the most horrifying and hardest thing do it. You will feel unbeatable.

7. The Alarm.

This is my worst enemy. I rather take one of the other tips then setting an alarm. I’m part of the snooze guys who are always turning off the phone and sleeping in again. Also, I could walk across the bedroom turn off my alarm and go to bed again, I know I’m unbelievable, but in the mornings I don’t care, I’m a Zombie. So, what is my way to wake up when nothing of the things above serves me? 

I talk to my inner voice, and also I think realistically.

  • Do I need to wake up at five in the morning or is nine okay?
  • Set your alarm for a time that’s easy for you and then set it half an hour earlier the next week, but be aware you wake up every day consistently. Every day step by step. You can’t wake up at six a.m if you haven’t done it before. It’s a process.
  • Look for your optimal sleep time. Many websites calculate when you need to go to bed to be ready and awake for your specific time like sleepyti.me.
  • Count to five backward and rise. The Five-Second Rule by Mel Robbins.
Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

I hope these tips could help you and next time you don’t hit snooze, but wake up and think of one of those things. I’ll be proud of you. I hope you’ll be, too.

You got it, Annie. ❤


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