My Column: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Envision that you listen to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, a yellow cab is driving at the crowded Brooklyn Bridge, boats are chugging on the river while sunlight is illuminating the city. Do you notice that nostalgic feeling that occurs inside you? No, then there were several romantic comedies added to your watchlist. And who would be the background narrator? Yes, it would be me. So, why am I the narrator? Am I your new inner voice which tells you what to do and what not or am I as wise as Oprah? No, I’m afraid I’m not Oprah, but I want to show you, you are not alone. When your jeans get a dark red stain in the back, if you thought that sex in movies is realistic and easy and if you lost yourself again. I’m there. I’m the one who helps you to don’t feel like an alien. I will tell you my stories about embarrassing situations, important realizations, and emotional decisions. Now, you will think, who is this woman that thinks she is someone like Michelle Obama? Yes, you are right, I’m 21 and not Carrie, Bridget, or Samantha, but in my romantic comedy, you will also cringe, tear up your eyes, consume many boxes of hankies, and will smile a little.
So it doesn’t matter what, thoughts, and feelings like “Yes, that was a trend sometimes” or “I thought it was just me” is so warmly welcome. So, let’s get out of the cab and into the city jungle. Oh wait, before it starts, I’m starving.
So, until next time and don’t forget you can’t do anything with an empty belly. ❤


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