Low Waste Living for Beginners (realistic)

Do you want to waste less, care more for your environment, be more mindful, or are just interested in this topic and don’t know how to start? I show you some tiny and realistic switches and tips that you can easily implement in your life.


  • Reuse glass jars and other glass containers. You can use them to regrow or to keep things fresh like carrots. Put them in a jar of water and close it, so they will keep fresh.
  • Don’t throw all food in the trash. Sometimes you can reuse some like the spring onions to regrow your veggies.
  • Grow your own herbs at your kitchen desk.
  • Often salad goes bad after some days like iceberg lettuce. A good trick is to rip the leaves, wash them, dry them out, and put them into a Tupperware box with a piece of Zewa, so they stay crispy and fresh.
  • Write a grocery list before you go shopping,
  • Also, check what’s in your fridge before you go shopping.What groceries would expire and which recipes could you do that it won’t happen. Do a meal plan.
  • Use vegetable nets to store and pick up veggies instead of plastic bags. Sometimes they are sold in the supermarkets, but you can also buy some online for example on amazon.
  • If you don’t have zero waste shops like me, you can look for supermarkets which offer less veggies and fruits in plastic like Lidl, Aldi, Edeka


  • Look for refillable things for example for soap, nuts, drinks,etc.
  • Buy larger packages of things like nuts, flavor. If you use them frequently, you won’t have as much trash as you would buy every single package.
  • Buy local or frozen goods. This is important for food that comes seasonally. If you want strawberries in winter they might not seem so tasty because it’s not their season, but if you buy the frozen ones, which are cheaper too, they will taste as delicious as seasonal.
  • Use cleaning rags and not paper towels if you clean. Cheaper and environment-friendly.
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

These were some tips how you can start living with less waste and more environment friendly. If you have started this journey too and like this topic, leave a like, so I will tell you more about it.

Have a lovely Sunday, Annie. ❤


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