Questions you can ask yourself while and after quarantine

In your time of isolation have you noticed anything? How did you feel? Have you changed since? Strange questions, you will think where do I know. That’s what we are talking about today. I will go through several questions with you so that we learn more about ourselves. Just some questions, honest answers, going deep into ourselves, and being openminded for new perspectives. Easy right? So, let’s go. You can answer every question and if you don’t know what to write just look at my examples to get inspired.

  • How did you spend your time in lockdown and how did you spend time with yourself? Have you been a little bit lost what to do with so much time?

Have you been a lot on social media, Netflix, reading, walking, pursuing your hobbies?

Yes, I was. I didn’t know how to fill my time. Funny right, we always crave for free time, but when it’s time we are overstrained.

  • How did you feel during quarantine?

Sometimes it was like a flight to the moon and other times like harsch collision with the center of the earth. Yeah, I feel you.

There was anxiety, stress, but also happiness, freedom and relaxation.

  • What has been difficult for you? Could you forego something like your devices?

I know we all want to be connected in those times, but always checking the latest news, being on the phone all day, and watching youtube videos made me feel more stressed and anxious than before.

In the first weeks, I couldn’t go without Netflix, but now I’m more into self-reflection and my hobbies.

  • What did you miss?

Meetings with friends and family, doing new things, going to the cinema or going a night out.

  • What was positive for you these times?

Having time for yourself, reflect, or relax.

  • How was your environment? Have you felt comfortable, stressed, lonely, or inspired?
  • If you live together with your family or spouse, etc how did you spend your time? Did you find time for yourself? What was bugging you?

Sometimes I send my spouse to go grocery shopping alone, so I can relax and have some minutes just for me. Don’t worry, I don’t force him. He is always a little bit relieved because shopping with women seems to take so much longer.

  • What did you learn?( not about yourself)

In nature, you will always feel more at the moment.

Stopping or turning down isn’t quitting, it’s reaching the next level soon and gaining all energy to sprint again.

Your dream job won’t fly by, you have to create it.

  • What wasn’t good for you at all?

Going to bed too late, playing too much videogames, eating too much sweets, etc.

  • What did you learn about yourself?

Don’t just love ideas, try them. Try new things, so you become more interesting and learn more about yourself.

Things I did in my teenage years always make me smile and showing me who I am. If it’s watching Step Up movies and dancing together, writing poetry with sad music or running and titillate your loved ones. It always brings me back to my childhood, showing me who I am.

waking up way earlier let my motivation heart beating a little higher. 😀

When I’m in the flow state I just continue. Going on and on until it’s done, not when I think it’s done.

After work I can, not I have to do something.

Good Job!

Good Job. You are at the end. If you haven’t already answered these questions, do it now and find more about yourself. My answers are just inspirations and definitely, there is no wrong or right. So, try it and maybe you’ve changed a lot, maybe you don’t. But review your answers and look at how far you have come.


Annie ❀


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