4 Top Personal Growth YouTube Channels you should know (2 min)

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You don’t know where to start, you are feeling demotivated, but stop hold on I’ve got you. Here are 4 top YouTube channels I love which motivate you to become your best self.

  1. Muchelleb 
    If you follow me you know I’m a huge fan. For all the girl bosses and badass babes out there. Also, she creates free worksheets that you can download and practical tips and tricks.
    Favorite Playlist: How I started to live more intentionally
  2. Matt D’avella
    Copying of Matt’s Videos is impossible. They have such a cool vibe and humor you can’t do unless you are Matt. He is famous for his 30-day challenges, but also takes interviews with interesting people and is about minimalism, and biceps of course. 😀
  3. Improvement Pill
    This Channel is different in comparison to the others because the videos are drawn. He often explains the techniques and habits of how to become a better you.
  4. Lavendaire
    Last but not least lavendaire is for those of you who like lifestyle and are more into self-care, mindfulness, and self-fulfillment.
    She has a great video about this challenging time too.

If you haven’t already join my survey that’s your chance to vote which topics you would love to read more about.

Let yourself be inspired and stop by some of these channels. 😀

Enjoy, Annie.


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