A journey to my younger self day 6

When I finally persuaded myself to do this fifteen-minute workout, I listened to hits from the 200er. While listening to this music, I realized that I miss my sports. I used to play badminton since I was 10, but when I moved to university, I stopped. Aswell as ThaiBo and dancing where I always listen to this 200er hits. I missed them so much that I even start crying, yes, while I was exercising. How could I stop something that I was so passionate about? That gave me a feeling of liveliness. That defined me as a person.

Oh I know, I grew up.

Photo by 炫铭 on Unsplash

I think I lost a little bit of myself. Maybe we all do over time. Because we are no kids anymore, we have no time and have more important decisions to make than deciding which class you will go to tomorrow, which friend you’ll meet, and what you will do in your free time.
It’s a shame. These things are defining you, giving you happiness, passion, and confidence, but you’ve forgotten them when turning into an adult.

Do you know this lost feeling, this unsatisfactory, not fulfilling feeling, and you wish to experience something that lights you up again? You don’t think about writing a poem again, playing video games, trying an instrument you’ve not touched a long time ago. You don’t do it. Because maybe it’s not cool anymore to write poems, maybe you have no time, maybe, maybe.

But maybe you’ve lost yourself by not taking this decision and your heart is scattered and you noticed it, but you are too mature to give it a shot.
It isn’t a bad thing to want to feel like a child again, on the contrary. Sometimes we can learn much more about life from our younger ones.

Photo by Khuong Nguyen on Unsplash

So I ask you, what was your passion when you were young? What couldn’t you stop talking about? What makes you feel inspired and passionate about these days? And what makes you feel alive?
Think about it, try it. What do you have to lose? Maybe you will get something back.

I’m going to do a dance class at home today, drawing in my Bullet Journal and meeting the new little goats our neighbors have got. ❤
What about you?

Keep being curious, Annie. ❤


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