The Self-Care Questions Day 4

Have you ever thought about treating yourself like a friend? That you’re in charge as a parent with his kid whose he is caring for, forbidden stuff, and so on? I’ve never thought this would be part of adulting. In fact, I’ve never wanted to grow up. I was wise in these early years.
Caring is much harder than you think. I haven’t reached the point where I fully accept myself, loving or talking always nice to myself, neither. But I’m learning that’s the only thing that counts. And I’ll share with you what I learned weeks ago, but now, after eating a whole bucket of ice cream, is coming to my mind. The Self-care questions. These questions which I wrote into my journal and should remind me to ask myself questions to find my problem. So, why do I feel miserable and ate the whole ice cream without even noticing?

Some of you will think, okay just questions you ask yourself like have you done self-care lately. No, it’s easier than that. Because oftentimes the little pieces break the whole system.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

My questions:

Are you hydrated? Have you drunk enough?

How is the weather? Is it inconsistent and changing a lot between rainy and sunny? I’m a weather-sensitive person.

How’s your body? Feeling wobbly and uncomfortable? Anything where you feel pain, like your neck?

Have you been outside lately? Breathing fresh air or sitting all-time inside?

Have you had time for yourself? Alone?

How have you treated your skin? Your hair? Do you feel filthy and your skin is all over with pimples?

Have you eaten already? What did you eat? Healthy or just binging?

In the end, you are the one who knows yourself the best. So write your list of questions when you know you feel sad or down and which helps you to understand yourself better. I noticed that I’ve been inside till three days and not moving at all, except at work. My body is feeling so weak and stiff, so I’ll do a YouTube workout at home. If you notice your mood is going in the other direction and you don’t know how you overcome those negative feelings or anxiety, you can read my posts about it and how I tackled these feelings.

If you were wondering why I chose a ladybug, firstly because in mythology it says that they bring you luck and secondly, who isn’t fascinated by such little creatures?

Take care of yourself, Annie.<3


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