About doing the wrong thing for self-care Day 3

I had so much energy. So much that I decided to do something fun. Yes, to play this game I loved to play. What a great idea! While I was playing, I didn’t notice that it was a foe disguised as my friend.

I was drawn into that universe of different spells and champions, anyone of you knows league of legends, yeah, I was obsessed with this game. Many hours, I don’t wanna count, of my life has been invested in this game. Why? Because of this great feeling when your desktop shows you the phrase you “Win”. Then there is a little dopamine dancing in your brain. After a few successful rounds, it starts to throw a party. You are delighted. So many new friends, but after the 10th game you had looses and wins. You notice that the party seems to become boring. But you don’t want it to end, you don’t want them to leave, so you start again. Keep going, stressing yourself to win. So, they’ll don’t leave. But they go. You are frustrated. How many rounds do I have to play? Many.

I’ve read an article that this feeling is not new. Sometimes you are overstimulated that in order to experience the feeling of happiness, you need to increase the number of stimuli. It’s like you’ve become immune. Also the article about Dopamine Fasting by Cameron Sepah, explains this phenomenon in a more detailed way and how you could do something against it.

So, yes I had to play a lot of games. I did the wrong thing. I felt happy for ten minutes and then went back to be exhausted and sad. So, what do we learn, don’t do something that you know is bad for you? Yes, that too, but also it’s a learning process. I will continue to play with friends, but it won’t be touched when I want to relax or refresh.

Photo by Maxime Rossignol on Unsplash

What about you? Have you tried something where you’ve been sure you would feel great after it? Like doing a hot bath and found out that all this foam and candles are great, but it’s too hot like a sauna and jumped out after 15 minutes? Or trying something your friend suggested and it wasn’t yours at all?

Don’t be upset if you didn’t do the right thing for you. Just write it on your not-to-do list or wherever you want and restart. I grabbed a little chocolate snack and watched with my partner the Impro Duo Middleditch and Schwartz, which I love by the way. It was a great evening after all because I listened to my gut and it said: You need comedy and chocolate, and yes my partner, and chocolate. What could be better? ūüėÄ

Keep cool, Annie. ‚̧


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