Self-Carentine Challenge Day 2

I’m not gonna lie. I was halfway through to paint or exercise to say to you I’ve done 30 minutes of self-care. Honestly, I didn’t feel like it at all. So sorry for you guys, but no painting or exercising pic today. ūüėÄ But why was I pushing myself to do these things and for example not watching TV? Maybe because in every article I read, there is a more hushed talk about other things than beauty and being creative? A smile occurs on my face.
Alexa, play Friends.

Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

Do you know this feeling after a tough day to not doing anything at all? Yes, probably you do. I don’t. I don’t work this much. Kidding, when I work late, I feel so too. What are your favorite tasks to do at home when you come from work? Eating, throwing on comfy pajama’s or watching Series on the sofa? I do this. I don’t see anything that speaks against it. I refuel myself by watching my feel-good series or documentaries or rewatch my favorite ones. The problem is this doesn’t align with the concept of self-care in all the general belief, but it is.
Do I do something to treat myself? Yes.
Do I feel better after it? Yes. Not when Rachel and Ross are still on a break, but yes.
Do I feel relaxed and full of energy? Sure. Have you ever seen an interior design series and finding yourself not redecorating your room? Sometimes there is so much energy that you would like to redesign your whole apartment.

So what do you think, is self-care also watching Netflix and Co. or would you say no that’s not what I understand as self-care? Tell me, I would love to read more opinions about that. Also, if you know some exciting series, I would love to know about it, too.

Have a lovely day, Annie. ‚̧


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