The Self-carentine challenge

What could you do in five to thirty minutes for yourself every day? Not so much, you’ll think and your hand grabs instantly your phone and begins to scroll through Instagram or YouTube. If this is the case, then you are a lot like me. This week I want to try different self-care methods every day to find out what’s the perfect match for me. Only for myself. Why? I think we try too much to be up to date on self-care that we forgot the whole purpose of this process. Taking care of ourselves and what we need right now. Not what people are telling you.

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So how does it work?
Every day I will publish a new post where I tell you what I’m gonna do for self-care today. The next day I will update you on how it was and whether I would integrate into my self-care routine or throw it out. The fun part, you can join me. You can do the same things I do or create your challenge of seven days, where you treat yourself individually every day. I will try the most familiar ones like meditation, yoga, or journaling, but also the undiscovered small things.

Why do I take this challenge?
A lot of the time, I caught myself spending too much time on something that I thought would make me feel better because it was defined as self-care, but in reality, it made me feel even worse. So, this challenge allows me to learn more about myself and what helps me to recharge my batteries daily.

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I will upload a new post every day at 16.00 CEST.

Have a relaxing Sunday, Annie. ❤


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