The Discomfort List

What’s that just another trend like self-care? No. It’s a tool to become your best self. Now your question is: Do I need this? But my question is, do you want to grow and experience things you never thought you were capable of? If you don’t have an answer yet, no problem. Just read the post below and then you’ll figure it out.

Why do you want/need to grow?

Do you want to grow to learn more about yourself, test your limits, brighten your horizon, gain new experiences?
All in all, I can tell you what people want trough growing, but I can’t tell you what you want.
Most people are afraid of growing because you need to overcome your weaker self. It doesn’t want to change, because change is exhausting, emotionally and physically stressful and you have to take action. Why should you start this when you can lay in bed all day or be at the same point all your life over and over again. Would you love this life?
Wouldn’t it be monotonous, boring and bland?
So, what is the secret ingredient that you can mix into your beverage to ignite your willpower? You need to be committed.

To be committed, we start to rather unconsciously get out of our comfort zone.
Often we become motivated when we’re reading a new book, listening to a lifechanging story, experiencing fascinating events, etc.
The human being is a creature of habit. To grow, we need to go through uncomfortable and new situations that we’ve never been to before.

What’s a discomfort list?

The discomfort list, inspired by muchelleb on YouTube, lays between your comfort zone, where everything is simple for you, and your panic zone, where you are sweaty and would run away. So, it’s like a compromise of these two.

For example: Driving in the car.

I count myself to the humans who find driving stressful and exhausting. So, I avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes I have to.

  • My comfort zone would be: I don’t drive at all. I’ll only be as a co-driver in the car or I’ll take public transport.
  • My panic zone would be: Driving alone on the highway or driving to unknown cities and streets.
  • My discomfort zone would be: Driving with someone at the autobahn whom I trust as a co-driver. Driving on unknown streets with people I trust to learn to drive better. Driving unknown roots mile for mile.

Now it’s your turn to take a pen and a piece of paper and to create your mindmap. What are your panic zones, and where are you feeling comfortable?

When you finished both of your mindmaps, think about your discomfort list. What actions can you take to grow and to become better at your areas where you want to improve. How would it look like?
For example, you could:

  • go grocery shopping at the supermarket, which you know, by yourself, if you are afraid to go alone, so you know your environment.
  • Hold a presentation in front of your parents or friends, if you are afraid of many people.
  • Try a new sport at home/ with a friend;
  • write a blog post;
  • Go on a new root for a walk;
  • Try five new recipes.

This list is about how to become your best self step for step. Growing is a process in which your environment, your parents, your boss, etc. contribute to your growth as well as yourself. Though, you decide in which areas you want to grow. You choose what is most important to you, if it’s becoming better at meeting new people, learning an instrument, going to new places, etc. If you determined your areas or where you want to grow, you can encounter them with the discomfort list step by step to get closer to your best self.

How the discomfort list helped me to live more fulfilled.
I started my blog.
I drove at the autobahn with my partner as co-driver.
I found a job.
I am more confident.
I am better at handling people, because I learned skills on how to communicate better.

Have a lovely day, Annie. ❤


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