How to feel better (part 1)

You know this feeling of depletion and every word or act is a drop in the ocean? You just want to lay on the sofa or drink your well-earned beer, or tea in my case. So far, so good, but if the next day will be the same and all the others too, could your sofa save you or do you need to change something?

Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

Find your triggers. It’s essential to know what causes these feelings, so that you can tackle the issue. Here are some of my examples:

  • chaos over and over in my apartment
  • too much screen time
  • no breaks between work
  • too much giving to others and not recharging my batteries
  • woke up too late
  • no movement
  • forgot to eat

Grab a piece of paper and start writing down your triggers, even if you don’t know exactly if they are ones.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Now it’s time for solving or reducing this obstacles. Sometimes a Brain Dump could be the simplest step to begin the thought process, so write all your ideas down. Take the easiest one and start thinking, don’t rate them yet just put everything on paper.

My examples, yes sometimes i talk to myself like that:

  • don’t skip your cleaning day, bc now you feel like living in a junk store
  • stop being so much at the screens, you know you feel apathetically after that, so put a timer on alexa to remind yourself
  • do breaks, especially when you feel unproductive in the afternoon
  • use your afternoon break to do sports or go into nature, i know you don’t want to bc it’s so cozy and comfortable, but great things never come from comfort zones and you love nature
  • you know if you don’t have energy you can’t give it to anyone else, so make something just for fun or relax with a great fantasy novel to recharge

In the next days you will be focusing on 1 trigger and implementing your solutions. Start with the trigger that is bothering you the most and become unbeatable.

For those with a Bullet Journal, it’s a calming and creative way to paint your ways to overcome these feelings.

I hope these tips could help you and you started your own When I feel stressed i do that to regain my energy. The next article will be about anxiety and depression.

If you liked this post consider commenting down below what you would love to read next or what posts of mine you liked so far.

Have a lovely sunday, Annie. ❤


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