In which way can a virus affect the digital world?

He hurries into the smoky office: “Boss, we’ve got a problem”.
“What’s the problem?”. The man takes a puff from his e-cigar and studies a system plan in his left hand.
“Strange things happened the last few days”. He scratches his green head.

“Just tell me”, the grey man growls and puts his plan aside.

“Hey Boss, have you already tracked and lifted weights today?”. A little manikin suited in a blue sweat suit jogs into the office in one hand lifting a dumbbell in the other a glass full of raw eggs. “Everything for my gains” and swallows.

Slowly the grey man leans forward to his green assistant:” Haven’t we thrown him out years ago?”.
“Yes Sir, this is what I try to tell…”

The office door opens again and an orange manikin dressed in a bathrobe shuffles into the office and stretches extensively. “Good morning Boss, haven’t seen you in a while. How’s your mind?”
“Who’s that, Android?”. One eye still on the two manikins.
“The Meditation App Sir which we… moved out”.

” I see”. Slowly he lifts his big grey belly up from the leather chair. “Maps locate target, please”.
“Sir, the target doesn’t take us with him anymore”.
“That’s ridiculous. Instagram I need everything about her latest likes and stories.”
Android looks at the ground. “Boss, we…we had to bid farewell to her”.
“What?When?”, he storms out the office and calls her name.
“As the last update was conducted a new trend among the humans was observed called digital detox. Then she was gone and these two were back.” Pointing his finger at orange and blue.
“Nobody told me?”
He stomps to the middle of the hall. “Then the hard way. Okay Google, show me all her latest search results”.
A yellow woman with green hair, blue glasses and a red clipboard joins them.  “Yesterday at 19.01: Corona virus symptoms
19.03 curfew
19.05 Demi Lovato’s new boyfriend”.
“Okay Google, find this monster of human being”.
“But Sir,”Android’s fingers are flinching hectically in the air.
“He seems nice”, he nodded and lays his hand up to his chin.
“Sir it’s a virus”, Android harrumphs.

“A Virus…Google status report”

“Worldwide catastrophe”. She readjusts her blue glasses without even looking up from her clipboard.
“Well, if she doesn’t come to us we come to her.”
“Target sighted, Boss”. A shadow falls onto the metallic hall.
“Good job, what is she up to front camera?”
“She is stretching like a cat on the ground. And” he wipes frantically his lens. “Unbelievable. She deserted to the enemy, Boss!”

“TV? No. Tablet? No.”

“Laptop, Sir, as if that weren’t enough she is also watching this narcissistic pimp who let other people posting for him”.
The grey man grabs a megaphone: “Every reports will be sent to the human as fast as possible”.
“Sir, unfortunately, sound has been muzzled”.
He takes a long puff of his e-cigar and breathes out.
“Gentleman, declare a station of emergency “.

Many colours are now filling the metallic hall.
“My team, sadly I have to tell you..”

A light blue bird lands next to the Boss and fluffs his feathers. “Breaking news, Breaking news! Everyone should stay at home and no socializing due to chance of infection for at least three months”.

The Boss flings his e-cigar into air: “Gentleman, Ladies ” he smiles to his audience “Cut the connections! We’re offline now!”.

The bird gazes into the empty hall. A tumbleweed rolls over the metallic ground.

“Guys? I meant in person, not digitally. Guys…” Slowly he walks to the dark office. “I meant socializing in person, man” He sighs and closes the door shaking his head. “These fake news suck”.

That was my first attempt at a different type of column leaned on the movie Inside Out. I hope you enjoyed it a little bit if so I would love to read some comments.

Stay healthy, Annie. 😉


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