The 12 week year

“Get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months”

Yesterday it was the last day of March, so the quarter is over. How about your goals did you achieve some or are you demoralized and have already given up? Don’t worry, this method could help you to achieve your goals in only 12 weeks.

The 12 Week year was written by Brian P.Moran and Michael Lennington who are CEO and Vize president of The Execution company. Their company specializes on coaching and consulting life leaders and entrepreneurs to reach their best performance with the 12 Weeks strategy. What I have taken along you will see down below.

Change your way of thinking

“Your results are ultimately a manifestation of your thinking.”

December 31st is the last day of the year and also the deadline for most of us: ” Have I saved 2.000 Dollar or squandered them, have I studied enough, did i love jogging now? Why on earth did the human determined December 31st as the day where I decide if my year was succesful or a failure?
The thought of one year lead you to the believe that you have plenty of time, because it’s 12 months not 12 weeks. Good – or bad – news you don’t have to wait until year’s end. That’s the point of the 12-week year: Now your new year takes 12 weeks.
Every twelve weeks starts a new year – not a quarter, a whole year. For that reason, every week, every day and every moment is important. Shouldn’t it alyways be that way?

If you think that sounds like a meritocracy where you don’t pause and just focus on your career, no it’s not. In order to support you to reach your goals faster, more focused and motivated the method also initiates you to celebrate your milestones, refresh and start with new energy. Who don’t wanna experience the magical new year’s feeling not only once, but four times ?


Do you know this feeling of disorientation, restlessness and on- off relationships with your goals? That’s the case if you don’t know what you want. But who knows? Maybe the 13 years old girl who planned her dream wedding into the littlest detail or the athlete who dreams of being rewarded with an Olympian medal.

“Without compelling vision, you will discover there is no reason to go through pain.”

If you have a vision you’re passionate about you’ll stand up to uncomfortable actions. You’ll run a mile further, edit your article a little bit longer and go to a musical with your spouse because you have a compelling vision.

Ask yourself some questions: Where do you want to live? Where do you want to work? Will you have pets? Will you have a family? How much money will you earn? So on.

Also, you can do a Pinterest board to visualize it better, but don’t forget to review once in a while.

The plan

Your plan is your roadmap. Your weekly plan are your little stops to accomplish before you can reach your overall destination. Write down your weekly plan.

Why a plan?

  • Mistakes will be reduced
  • Saves time
  • Provides focus

Why a 12 week plan?

  • “The farther you plan into the future the less predictable it will be”
  • If you have so much time you’ll choose more goals. Now you’ll focus on the important ones.
  • More structure, focus and better orientation.

To execute your vision properly you need a strong emotional  binding to your goal. Hopefully, you gain one in the vision part. So, if you can visualize and are passionate how can you achieve your vision ?
You need to act consistently.
You need habits and a system, don’t just the intention to change.


“You have greater control over your actions than results, but your result follows your actions.”

Most people think if their plan doesn’t work it’s the flaw of the plan not the execution. Therefore, you’ll prove that with a scorekeeping system. Every habit you’ll do properly will be ticked off whether analogy or digitally. Consequently, you can find out if your goal is too unrealistic or you don’t make any progress because of chilling at your sofa and watching Netflix.

What happens if you forget or don’t feel like it? If you don’t learn six hours straight or nibble Ben and Jerrys, then it is okay. There is no strive for perfection, but for efficiency. 

Researchers call it the Productive Tension, this feeling when you should do this thing but you don’t. Due to this feeling many people stop or even quit, but other gain more motivation. Either you are feeling overwhelmed or demoralized, don’t think with the all-or-nothing principle. In fact, when you do 65 to 70 percent of your habits every week you’ll do well if you stay in the game. You want to become better and better, not perfect.

Setting goals

How do I set up my goals?

Trust your gut. What bothers you the most at the moment? What problems do you face every day?
You can’t achieve all your goals in one week. For this reason, you create a 12 weeks plan and a weekly plan to accomplish all critical tasks week for week. There are different ways how you can tackle your plan with habits:

  • Daily habits
  • Weekly habits, every second week, every week for a specific time
  • Several times a week
  • Etc.

Here are some examples:

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Goal 1: Saving money and better financing skills

  • Every spending and income will be noted (every day)
  • Take time for finances, what is the balance? (every weekend or every month’s end)
  • Do a workshop or a class about financing ( once)
  • Put 100 Dollar aside (every week)

You can choose which habit fits you better, you don’t need to do all.

Goal 2: Write a fantasy novel

Sometimes weekly goals can change because your overall goal consists of different steps, so every week they’ll change.

  • Daily habit: Write 3.000 words

Goals for week 1:

  • In which world takes your story place?
  • What’s the name of your protagonist? More or one? Female, male? Story?
  • What about other characters? Story and names.

There is no problem if you don’t achieve every goal in one week. You can postpone them, but don’t forget postponed is not cancelled.

In week 10 or 11:

  • Print it out
  • Send it to your family or friends to read.
  • Send it to an editor.

Goal 3 : Improving my relationship

  • One date Night every week without distractions
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This book has much more helpful tips and strategies to accomplish your goals. I would also recommend it especially to people who want to start a business or improve their career. There is also a shorter version available which will be in the interest of the other people including myself.

I hope you liked this entry and if so leave a comment down below. 😀

My recommendations for digital systems are Todoist or Habitica, especially for people who like videogames. The second I use myself, the first I was told by my friend.


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