Reviewing the last month

How was your March? Or was it more like an April? Nevertheless, what about your goals for next month or do you check them after a year?

Do you have any plans, probably not. So how was your March really? Boring and lonely then it’s time for change. Great and relaxing, why? How did you spend your time?

Here are some questions to brighten your next month.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

What great experiences did you make? What great events happened?

  • Movie Night with my loved ones
  • walks in the sunshine

What did I learn about me and in general?

  • I need my routine, because if I don’t have any I will end up playing 5 hours a game like last week. (This game was so fun you wouldn’t believe it)

What do you wanna improve next month?

  • Waking up when I’m already awake not when the alarm goes off.

What activities would you like to do next month? What are you excited about?

  • Doing a new online class about productivity.
  • Decorating and finishing my apartment.

That’s my short and sweet monthly review. Try the questions for yourself and maybe it inspires you.

What are you dealing with at the moment? What things are difficult for you to tackle? Let a comment down below and I’ll see you soon.

Stay healthy. ❤


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