My weekly review part 2

Now it’s the last day of the week, but that doesn’t mean you just relax and wait for the next. Why so? Do you wanna know how you can improve and become better and closer to your goals? Then you need to reflect.

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If you want to know how I do a review of my week and what questions I ask myself then make yourself comfortable and cosy with a cup of tea and a chunky blanket and let’s go.

For orientation, all headers which are printed in bold type are separate steps of my review.

How was this week for you? How do you feel from 1 to 10?

Answer it as honestly as you could, so we can find out why.

After that I always start with my little wins to highlight the positivity. What am I proud of what I’ve done this week. Did I make little achievements? Here are some of my examples:

  • I wake up earlier than 10 this week
  • booked an appointment
  • cleared my desktop

How about my goals? Am I on track or lost?

Some of your goals are prioritized, but sometimes we don’t notice that our prioritazation has changed and we don’t focus on the most important goal anymore. For instance I’ll explain it on my goals:

  • Goal 1: Researching on this specific topic.
    I’ m feeling off track and depressed. Why? I’m overwhelmed with the information and don’t know what to do because I have no plan.
  • Goal 2: Learning something new.
    I’m on track. Finished my skillshare class this week. Good job 😀
    I’m feeeling inspired and motivated.

What didn’t work this week? Did you avoid something? Why?

Some examples:

  • I didn’t take care of myself this week, therefore I was so stressed out and upset about everything that I had a fight with my partner.
  • I avoided to check my finances because I didn’t think it’s necessary, but now I’m feeling unorganized and unsure how my finances are.

What could I do better? Tiny changes.

Think about what steps or changes could help you to improve. Maybe you need a system, wake up earlier or going to bed before 11 pm.

My examples:

  • I’m feeling overwhelmed with my 1. goal, so I’ll make an overview about what I’ve already done and make a step for step plan.
  • Being too much on digital screens makes me feel more anxious and stressed out, so I’ll start a challenge with one of my methods for one week to observe if anything will change.

The Level 10 Life review

And now the best part is ready to come. The level 10 life review. The Level 10 life is invented by Hal Elrod the author of The Miracle Morning. You decide for yourself on sections in your life e.g. love, health and career and rank them from 1 to 10 depending on how fulfilled you are. I’ve chosen 9 personal categories which i fill out every week to see how fulfilled I am and maybe why I’m not feeling fulfilled. I know it’s impossible to be at balance in every category. In order to focus on the sections which I ranked the lowest in the last month I do a review of all my weekly reflections at the end of every month.

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My level 10 life categories

  • Personal growth: Did i go out of my comfort zone? Did I try something new? Did I learn something new?
  • Physical health: Did I exercise this week/month? Did I eat healthy(no fastfood, no sweets just bc of boredom)? Did I have
    enough sleep?

  • Mental health: Did I journal my thoughts? Am I feeling apathetically like on autopilot? Is my relationship to screens healthy?

  • Self-care or me-time: Did I do something good for myself? Did I do something because of fun or creativity?

  • Work/ career: Did I study enough? Did I inform myself?
  • Love: Did I have a date night? Did I have undivided togetherness( no distractions just us two) with my partner? Did I undertake something with my loved one?

  • Fun and adventure: Did I do something adventurous e.g a trip? Did I collect new experiences? Have I done fun activities this week?
  • Finances: Am I on track with my finances? Did I save money? Did I do an overview of my spending and intake?

  • Connection: Did I contact my family? Did I meet some of my friends? Do I stay in touch and ask them how they feel?

When I filled out my categories I’m reviewing my results and think about what I’m focusing on for the next week by starting my weekly part 1.
What do you do at the end of the week? Are you reflecting aswell? Write some comments down below and tell me about your routine. 😀

If you want some more inspiration go to muchelleb on You Tube or look for David Allen’s book Getting thins done.


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