8 tips for workout motivation

Why of all things am I talking about sports? You think I’ll tell you that sport is better against anxiety, your body will produce dopamine, you will feel more productive or your bad conscience about doing nothing? No, I won’t. It isn’t easy as that because sports is multitalented. And now we need fitness most of all to stay healthy.

8 tips for more motivation for sports

  • Set a reminder on Alexa, Google or your phone.
    As the reminder goes off this is your call for action. Stop everything you’re doing right now, close all your tabs. If you haven’t done it already put on your sportswear and let’s go. The same with your cellphone. Initially the aim is to place it somewhere far away so you need to stand up and while you’re already in movement you can go on, right? 😉
  • After waking up put on your gym clothes.
    My motivation is also boosted by colourful sportswear. Always wearing black could be boring and depressing. Bring more colour into your life and you’ll see the happier you’ll get. If you are sweating anyways so why not in stylish clothes?
  • Keep your fitness equipment reachable and visible. Every time you leave your room to go to the kitchen your equipment will be on your way. You’ll say hi and you are going to see them. Don’t throw them in any corner of your house and look for a new place for shoes if you need more than half an hour to find them.
  • Smart watches could be very effective to motivate someone by showing them their achievements. You don’t need a watch which can track your sleep rhythm and take phone calls, but a simple one which tracks your steps and your burned calories would be a good start. After a few days you’ll see that you want to reach more steps or you want to keep your scores.
  • Do sports with your family,partner, friends or in a club.
    If you aren’t able to go to the gym do sports at home. There are so many homeworkouts on Youtube for free. Doing sports alone isn’t as motivating as to workout together? No problem. Call your friend as your accountability partner who reminds you of exercising together. Whether you do it at home in the morning or in the evening, send your partner a picture that says:” I’m done. It’s your turn now”. Now he has to follow up. Also, you can meet for the same workout at the same time, but do it from your own apartments. After that you call each other and talk about the hardest exercise of this course. Be creative.

  • Don’t force yourself. If you put pressure on yourself to do this workout, but you haven’t any fun at all, it will be counterproductive. Do the kind of sports which makes you feel alive and powerful. If you don’t want to do a HIIT ,but a slow yoga class then don’t do nothing, but do your yoga class. Go with your gut and exercise because of your health and wellbeing not for slimming. I needed a long period of time before i understood that sports is a form of selfcare, too. Keep your body fit and love it the way it is.
  • Don’t think about it. Don’t let your weaker self tell you those little lies like you are tired and have no time, no. Just do it like Mel Robbins count downwards from 5 to 1 and do it. Don’t think about it.

Stay healthy and motivated. 😉


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