My weekly review part 1

Every week I ‘m excited for Sunday, not because it’s fun day Sunday, yes that too, but especially for my weekly review in my bullet journal.

This article will deal with how I’m setting up my bujo and planning my weeks. In the second part I’ll tell you something about my favourite part, the review.

So how do we start?

Personally I haven’t fully changed banks, so I write my most articles as well as my planning by hand. Therefore, I grab my beautiful coppery Bullet Journal, this colour is a dream, and draw out the seven days with my ruler. Sometimes my layout is minimalistic sometimes my creative spirit takes control of my hands. Nevertheless, my most important goal by bullet journaling is to sort my thoughts out and give me some structure.

Some tips for planning.

Which events lie ahead? Any birthdays or appointments this week?

Now it’s time for the favourite part of every creative person: mood- and habittrackers. If you don’t need them no problem, just go on reading at to-do’s.

Habittracker: It has changed so many times. Once I had 15 habits to track, now I am happy with 4. How do you wanna track your habits is totally up to you. Do you wanna write them down or draw symbols? Want to track every day or just weekly? Just try what’s suits best and stick to it. Never change a winning team. The same with your moodtracker.

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To-dos: Did you manage all your to-dos from last week? What is important and urgent now? Can somebody help you? Needs it to be done now?

  • Do you have to-dos which will take you less than 2 minutes? Then write them down and do them now they just take space in your head and after doing them you will feel lighter.
  • When you are going to do your weekly to-dos? For example, every Saturday or Sunday I will do a deep clean through my flat and do washings.
  • When do you plan to go grocery shopping, did you make a mealplan, have you called your parents lately or put your bins out?

If your to-do list doesn’t have an end, just read it again and find the most important thing. What is bugging you the most? Where would you be so relieved after doing it? Are you ignoring this one call, but after doing it the problem would be solved? Thinking about working on your project for you studies, but you have no time?

Goals: What 3 things could you do this week to come closer to your goals? Only 3. Maybe going through a lecture and taking your notes, buying two new light bulbs or looking for 3 companies for an internship. Make sure you don’t take too much on your shoulders, for instance you’re just looking for 3 companies don’t write the application yet. Do little steps, so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Stay safe and healthy. 🙂


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