3 projects to feel productive

Photo by Essentialiving on Unsplash

It’s a very though situation now and many people are staying inside. If you are not working from home or have so much freetime and don’t know what to do. Then take a look down below where I’ll share three projects with you.

Declutter your computer.

Look at your desktop and go through all your downloads and files. Delete all your blurred pictures. You had searched for cupboards and have already bought the one local, then delete all bookmarks which are now unnecessary. Create a new folder to become more organized and therefore feeling less overwhelmed anymore.

Do the KonMari Method and declutter your home.

Even if you don’t want a whole declutter session think about some areas in your home which are bugging you everytime you come across. Maybe you lost your favourite lipstick in your bath drawer and you always procastinated it because you had no time. Now you have.

Do your own creative project.

Always wanted to write your own book? So intrigued by these watercolour paintings on instagram? Then start today and design your plan. Watch Youtube Tutorials, buy a book and teach yourself or go on Skillshare. Some youtubers have a two free month trial link for premium in their description box. Important, don’t think you have to do all perfectly at the first time. It’s a progress. Every step brings you closer to your goal.

Stay healthy ūüôā


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