5 easy steps for motivating yourself to start

Hitting snooze or turning your alarm off and falling asleep again. Two hours of cleaning the kitchen or sometimes procrastinating procrastination. Even if you cannot identify yourself with these examples everyone knows the feeling of being unmotivated.

Here are 5 easy little steps which helped me with ticking off my to-dos despite no motivation.

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com

  1. If you haven’t done it already slip out of your comfy clothes and get into something more casual where you would go outside or to work with. For example, just put on a pair of jeans instead of your pyjama pants.
  2. Do the simplest things at first where it would be so ridiculous not doing them. Put away those two empty cups on your desk and if there are tea bags inside throw them away, now!
  3. Turn on the washer or dishwasher in the morning, so you have this feeling of already being productive.
  4. If you are more of an audio-visual type of person watch videos on YouTube where lots of life admin days are uploaded. One of my favourites is Muchelleb whose videos are inspiring and always so motivating to get started together.
  5. Have a system. Are you rather the type of general rewarding or punishment?Decide what is more effective for you. Rewarding yourself for instance with a chocolate bar after work or punishing yourself by not eating it?

I hope these tips could help you. They work for me, but maybe not for you. So don’t worry, just start the easiest thing first and you will see your to-do list will tick off like by itself.


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